24 February 2014

hey! i'm stacey.

you'll find me in edmonton, canada (via christchurch, new zealand). you might find me behind the music at a wedding or corporate event. maybe i've got my fingers in a fantastic lady's hair, shaping it into something retro and awesome. or maybe i'm hunched over my laptop, playing with words.

i am a dj (you can check us out here).

i style hair (peruse my portfolio here).

i write (on this blog, at ocsplora.com, and, much of the time, alone in my room - simply to help me make sense of the world.) 

at all times, i'm an adventure live-er, a word-lover, a hang-er out-er, a lyric quoter, a feeler-before-thinker, a jesus-follower, an advocate of pop music, an adorer of all things 1950s, an inspiration seeker, a work in progress and a very proud auntie. 

what can you expect from this blog? it's my adventure in experiencing and cultivating 'delight' in life. i write about, music, travel, gratitude, and living life out of the ordinary. i'll be pointing you to feel-good music in my 'sweet sounds' posts, taking you with me when i 'get lost' in new places, and reminding you that life is an adventure to be lived, in way that is all your own. those posts are tagged 'death to boredom' - because life should be anything but boring! 

my question for you is… 
what makes you come alive? if you had no restrictions whatsoever, what would you do tomorrow? and most importantly, what song gets you on the dance floor, EVERY time?

let's rock 'n' roll! 

say hello: staceystinks [at] gmail [dot] com

'i've heard it said that he wastes nothing, so beautiful to behold; the author of my hope is writing the greatest story ever told...' 
- five iron frenzy
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