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23 April 2012

hello! welcome to a new thing i'm hoping to do weekly here on my blog. let me explain: one of my goals this year has been to be more thankful. i had a pretty bad year in 2011, and i know that my perspective on life would have most likely improved, had i chosen to count my blessings more often. so, with help from my goal-enforcing friend mali, i decided to make a goal for 2012 to write something i am thankful for every day, and MAN has it ever been a great journey so far. on crap days, i can always find a couple things to be thankful for, and on great days, i fill at least one page in my journal with all the things i'm thankful for. since this blog is my 'delight adventure', i thought i'd follow the lead of many awesome lady-bloggers before me, and start a weekly installment of what i am thankful for. for me, just as much as it is for you. hopefully it inspires you to start practising gratitude in your life :) why 'gratitude cafe'? well, it's a nod to a song from a musician i am eternally grateful for - jason mraz.

without further ado, welcome to this week's gratitude cafe :)

fun last few days with my whanau - hanging with my canadian fam (driving with the bro) - tim hortons! - delicious sushi dinner with my sistah - swedish berries! best ever. - making epic dinner for dad & i - going to watch roller derby with dad - seeing my cousins (and adorable wee second cousin!) - traditional canadian 'weenie roast' with the fam! - hanging with horses and watching my cousin ride - this little monkey and his monkey - goldfish crackers!

other randomness that i'm thankful for this week:
- getting to canada safely! - a new phone...i hate to admit it, but the iphone is ruling. superfluous usefulness. - going to a stand up comedy night to see my friend lawrence... so funny! - skype calls with great pals - laughing...if you don't find this funny, there is something wrong with you. you should probably get that checked out. - being with my family!!! - going for a the first run in way too long - good music -

what are YOU thankful for!?


  1. awesome vid! My kids new favourite - I think I will be asked to play it endlessly over the next few days lol.

  2. i know! it gets me chuckling every time! fun for all ages, lol! here's another something for the kids of all ages - !


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