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29 April 2012

this week i am thankful for...
mom making sure the fridge is stoked with my faves (cottage cheese & grapes for brekkie!) - wearing my newly-polished fave shoes, and feeling awesome. - style-inspiring shopping at the biggest mall evaaaar - going through 2 plungers of loose-leaf mango lemon tea at steeps while hangin with jesus. - signs of new life peeking out from the what winter left for dead - so much chocolate milk! - hanging with my crazy brother...singing and dancing to the sounds of T-Swizz in his truck - delicious tea that won't rob me of my sleep - hanging with kids from my old youth group - so proud of them!
other glitterbombs of glory that i am thankful for this week:
- hanging with awesome angee - successfully navigating the edmonton transit system - two good interviews - running - the fitocracy app...a dynamo of fitness inspiration! - ska. always, always thankful for ska. - skype chats with mali - unicorns for socialism. alexandra franzen is totally rocking my world right now and inspiring me to infuse my vocabulary with awesomeness. highly reccomended. -  singing along unashamedly to a les mis dvd with my sister, regardless of the eye-rolling of our male relatives - the great gatsby - skype chatting with my favourite australasians - hanging with my parentals - hellogoodbye - driving with my littlest bro, who has the best music - being directed to (tear-jerker alert!) - emails in my inbox. - catching up with kim for the first time since school! yes, that's NINE years since we've seen each other. SO good! - picking up right where i left off with my radiant, power-couple pals alex&nathan - visiting my 'home' church and actually feeling at home - hymns -

i am so blessed.

what are YOU thankful for??


  1. The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!

    1. thanks!! it puts an extra bit of spring in my step to know that I have inspired you :)


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