21 April 2012

as you know, a few weeks ago, i went to melbourne... i generally love wandering around a big city, getting lost and finding inspiration in all sorts of quirky places. well, let me tell you - when it comes to inspiration in melbourne, the churches and cathedrals are at the top of my list.

first, i found this memorial for the soldiers of WWI & II. It was obviously erected  after World War I, but what really touched me was the inscription that was clearly added after World War II had proved to be even more devastating...

'in 1939 the bugle called again
and was bravely answered by
all ranks of
Fifth Batallion
The Victorian Scottish Regiment

many of whom gave their lives
in divers fields of service
that we might live
to find a better way'

then there was this inscription, honoring the life of a former pastor... oh, that my life would be described with such words as 'generous,' 'devoted,' and 'faithful.' i found this so inspiring!
'his spirit has returned to God who gave it.
WITH CHRIST: which is far better.'

this plaque was small, and hidden in the back of a flowerbed, but it caught my eye, and i had to sit and ruminate on it for a while...
rock of ages, cleft for me...

i'm almost out of things to blog about melbourne... one thing is left, though: tattoo photos! i am still so amped on the ink from antony, will share soon!

thanks for reading :)

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