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14 May 2012

book & cd bargains! - inspiring paper mobiles - chocolate-covered pretzels. yeah. - streetlight manifesto! - finding a christian dior biography that was really interesting and inspiring - looking at pretty things while wandering downtown edmonton - amaaaazing coffee - wearing my fave outfit - starting to train with a dj company - angee! so grateful for this smiling face in my life - the sailor jerry app that lets me put tatts on unsuspecting people like my mom... - seeing glimpses of beauty in edmonton - busting out my fave hair bow (you look good, you feel good - mmmkay!?) - good food! - hellogoodbye...they`re rocking my world right now - and so is rancid (as always!) :) 

other gratitude-worthy gems:
- running - long chats with mali - dinner and great conversation with my lifelong friend, Kelsey - thrift store shopping with my mom...we found some pretty funny stuff - exploring edmonton - long skype chat with lucy - having tim hortons with my dad - hitting up a craft show with my sister - going to Angee`s birthday party...lots of good laughs! - a delicious mother`s day brunch with the fam - my awesome brother-in-law`s coffee and taste in music - seeing 2 of my cousins that i haven`t seen since 2008, and meeting one of my wee cousins for the first time :) - setting a new PR for 5k runs...feels good! -

and of course, i`m thankful for my MUM. she`s pretty cool :)

what are YOU thankful for?

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