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8 October 2012

lately i've been thankful for:

- a new job! both challenging and creative. love it. - brunch at hap's hungry house with ange-pangea after a night of dancing - the killers new album... awesome, awesome, awesome. - road trippin down memory lane with my sister & cousin - these little faces totally brightening up my world - road trippin through the rockies - finding new sushi places near my new work - antique shop oodling...over gorgeous vintage sewing machines, some as old as 1910! - getting a chance to do victory rolls, total 50's hair, my fave! - 

i write 'lately i've been thankful for' because i've missed my weekly gratitude cafe for a number of weeks now - pretty much haven't posted since being back from new york. i got a new job at a blow-dry bar, which came completely out of left field and although it had me crazy busy through the month of september, i am really, really enjoying it. i will write more about it soon! for a while there i had three jobs, plus extra training for the new one, and i was just running around like a maniac... i've dropped the ball on keeping my list of things i'm thankful for, and i think my perspective on life is really feeling it. now that training is over and i'm down to just two jobs, hopefully, i can get back into the habit... truly, even when i don't feel like it, there is plenty to be thankful for :)

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