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11 October 2012

methinks it's about time for another five iron frenzy fast...

yup. (photo originally appeared as a secret at www.postsecret.com)
there's no way you can stay down when listening to ska... and it's no surprise to my whanau that i lurrrvs me some ska. just try to stay sour when pumping up-strokes and trumpet solos - i dare you.

give me that third wave, those gritty gang vocals, that bass-line trudging up and down.  the most serious lyrical content paired with a cheerful beat, feeding my soul and reminding me that life is a whole lot better, if i just remember to dance.

wanna give it a try?

let me direct you... if i were you, i'd start with some streetlight manifesto, or the specials, cause they are the original deal. but then, if you like a little more funk in your soul, maybe you'd prefer the cat empire. if you're feeling angst-y there's less than jake, or for less horns and a little more punk rock, there's always rancid.

if you like your eighties covers like i certainly do,  either reel big fish or save ferris will be sure to win you over to the ska side.

and you know i won't end this post without mentioning five iron frenzy one more time - and if you like them, or christian ska happens to be your bag, be sure to check out the insyderz and the oc supertones, cause they shred too :)

ska for life!


  1. I get to see five iron play for the first time since the "Winners Never Quit" farewell tour next month. I am ridiculously excited.

    1. yay! have an awesome time! be sure to get your skank on :)


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