get lost: new york city, part one! chinatown & little italy

8 November 2012

new york! 

back in september, after my summer job packed it in, i squished a sleeping bag and two weeks worth of clothes into a carry-on suitcase, and caught the early flight to nyc. half that time was in new york, and the other half was in maine, and i've got a ton of great photos from the adventure - have just had a chance to sit down and pick out a few of the best... here's the first few!

my dear friend jessie, whom i had ventured east to visit, happens to be awesomely chinese, and knows of all sorts of hole-in-the-wall places to eat in chinatown, and i was spoiled with amaaaaaazing food for the entirety of my trip. bubble tea! vietnamese sandwiches! soupy dumplings! i definitely developed a healthy addiction to rice noodles with peanut sauce, which i have tried in vain to reproduce since returning. it was invaluable to have a cantonese-speaking guide, especially one who enjoys eating as much as i do... 

chinese sausage cassrole... sounds weird, tastes AWESOME. 

elizabeth street arcade, chinatown. 

one of my missions while in chinatown was to track down a hello kitty cell phone case.... when in rome... jessie and her sister led me to elizabeth centre, a little underground arcade with a handful of shops selling, well, everything you'd expect an arcade shop in chinatown to sell - all sorts of electronics accessories, hello kitty toys, hair clippies, matchy-matchy stationery, kawaii trinkets, you name it. i was spoiled for choice, and found the perfect cutesy phone case, as well as a number of chinatown-esque gifts for some of my favourite ladies in new zealand :) 

street wares in chinatown

souvenirs for dayz! 

i do enjoy a good wander, and on my first day in nyc, i wandered through chinatown, north into little italy and on to soho. the photo below is a one of the streets where chinatown blurrs into little italy... i love how the 'no parking' sign on the right has been italianized...

the cafe-lined streets of little italy

i was totally enamoured by soho... just so classy an exactly what you'd expect from manhattan, i guess. i wandered the streets and the pretty little shops, and just when i was getting a hankering for a latte, i asked the clerk at an amazing little card shop where i could find a good coffee nearby. she said, well, there's a starbucks about a block away, but balthazar is across the street and they are the best around. balthazar it was. and it was divine. the service was fantastic, the atmosphere was dreamy, and the espresso was delicious. i only had a coffee, but if you find yourself peckish when walking down spring street someday, do indulge yourself - i doubt you'll regret it!

balthazar, soho

stay tuned for more photos from the new york adventure, coming soon :)

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