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12 August 2013

been working on hanging photos in my home this week. and also: can't wait to see this woman in 6 weeks... 

man! the past week has been BUSY. work. more work. macklemore concert (!). pedi's with the sister and sister-to-be. dinner with the fam & quasi-fam. 2:30am denny's date. two dj gigs. introspection. coloring liz's hair. yeah. busy, but good. how's things with you?

the internet has been coughing up some great stuff lately. case and point:

- a perfectly heart-wrenching piece on grief.

- on swimming against the current, and doing it alone.

- on wrestling with unanswered questions during dark times.

this male actor dresses like a woman to experience a day in the life of a female in cairo - fascinating!

- a cartoon that serves as an important reminder about punk culture...

- ah - the way this guy talks about love just makes my heart grow three sizes. and about a business venture, even!

- i dream of living in a tiny home... lately i've toyed with owning a tiny home in nz and one in canada... but anyways, this guy is living my dream! granted, his airstream is not quite as retro as i would want mine to be...

- i keep reading this over and over again...

- i want to celebrate all the reasons i'm lucky, like these people!

- a beautiful piece of creative non-fiction about breaking cycles...

- i'm not sure how many of you guys are interested in skate videos, but as some of you old friends know, skateboarding is mega close to my heart. i've seen a bunch of great skate videos this week - check em out! this one includes a couple pals, including some chch friends who relocated to melbourne post-quake. this one is super creative skating from one of the kindest young men i've ever met. pretty much every skateboarder i know has shared this video on facebook in the past three days. it's absolutely incredible, and can definitely be appreciated by someone who has no knowledge of skateboarding whatsoever. THE MAN DOES A NOSE STALL ON A HELICOPTER. watch it!

- this social experiment on dating has me absolutely hooked! i find myself waiting anxiously for the next day's journal to be posted.

- my brother-in-law e-mailed me this a while back, and when i saw that sarah posted it too, i re-visited it and remembered how cool it is!

well. i'm listening to the thunder and rain, and ready to tuck in for enough sleep to face this week with a full heart. hope you're well, wherever you are. xoxo


  1. The Internet is filled with good stuff if we know where to look, but I often find the best stuff offline.

    1. i so agree! all the good stuff in the real world has been the reason for my scarcity in posting. there will be no apologies made for that :)


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