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2 August 2013

i don't know about you, but i'm a sucker for a good mashup. this may be linked back to my affinity for weird al and his polka mashups of pop songs, but i have no solid evidence to back that inkling. a few days ago, thought catalog published this list of mashups that was ok, but a little bit lacking in the awesome. i thought i'd put together a post with a few mashups that spell out "mind = blown" in my world. enjoy!

the day the music died - mashup germany
this was my favourite offering from the thought catalog list - it includes fourteen artists, from mozart to weezer, and is a super catchy slow-jam mix.

no diggity vs. thrift shop - ed sheeran & passenger
okay, as if a silky smooth acoustic rendition of no diggity isn't enough (so THAT'S what those lyrics really are....), ed sheeran and passenger manage to bring it home by blending the chorus with the chorus of one of macklemore's most catchy songs. WIN. also, this video introduced me to passenger, who i immediately fell in love with. seriously, within half an hour of seeing this video for the first time, i had internet-stalked the crap outta him, and bought his cd on itunes. check him out!

99 problems vs helter skelter - grey album - danger mouse
what do you get when you cross the beatles' white album with jay-z's black album? that's right, you get danger mouse's grey album, a killer combination of jay-z's vocals over beatles music. the online sale of this album caused controversy and tension between those who saw it as the amazing project it was, and those who see it as a massive copyright infringement - even though jay-z, paul mccartney and ringo starr approved it on personal levels. (actually, paul mccartney said that it's 'well cool'.) anyways, i dig it. you?

because we can - moulin rouge
this was a movie moment that made me pretty much jump out of my chair with an exclaimation of pure victory. i swear, when the opening riff of smells like teen spirit dropped the first time i watched this, the awesomeness made me scream. this whole movie is a masterpiece of pop music madness. if this is a tad chaotic for your liking, may i recommend the elephant love song medley, here.

blame it on the pop - dj earworm
and now, my favourite mashup of all time. i mean, dj earworm has made a ton of killer mashups, but in my opinion, this one takes the cake. i know this because i have eagerly anticipated earworm's yearly mashup every january, and each year i hear it and, though impressed, none of his year-end mashups have knocked this one out of heavy rotation in my pop music spinning. enjoy!

oh, and i'll throw this one in for good measure. who doesn't love a little 90s mixed with a little polka mixed with a little zany weird al? NO ONE! or, maybe just me. whatevs.

are there any mashups that i've missed? my ears are always open for a good one!


  1. Hi Stacey, As music is my first love, I love your emphasis on music here on your blog. I was recently offered an opportunity to do some writing for a Seattle music site and I'm considering it. Keep up the cool posts.

    1. thanks dan! i've realized over the past year or so that i am ALWAYS excited to write about music... and now that i am making a living off my love of music (DJing), it gives me some affirmation that my love of music has a purpose, even if i will never be a talented musician.


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