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21 February 2014

a couple months ago, i played at an event that was outside of my current wedding/corporate/function norm - i was both the voice and the sounds at an afterparty for a large telecommunication company conference. more than a week before the event, i started to curate a set list to suit the client's request - high-energy, upbeat and contemporary - i had such a good time coming up with feel-good, high-energy beats that i find myself returning to it whenever i want to get amped up for a great day. here are some of my favourites - maybe they'll find their way onto your 'get amped' playlist, too!

broken machine - zowie

cute and catchy, and built off of a nokia ringtone (yep, thats the little trill that opens the song and continues in the background throughout), i love this video and everything about zowie's style choices... and she's a kiwi!

down the road - c2c

one of my favourite albums i've discovered in the past year, this video stars one of my guilty-pleasure-favourite skateboarders, ritchie jackson. had a hard time deciding whether i wanted to include this song by c2c, or the infectious positivity of their amazeballs song 'happy'.

happy - pharrell

speaking of happy... this song was (very appropriately!) used in dispicable me 2 when gru is riding a new-romance high. just watch this video and try to stop your head from bobbing, i dare you.

i love it - icona pop

dropped at the right time, this song always makes the dance floor explode - its got that je ne sais quoi that makes you unsure whether you want to fist pump or conquer the world.

show me what you got - jay-z

i always forget how much i love jay-z, and how many different faces his music has, until i play his hits collection album. i love the lavish musical backing in this song - dance-able and delightful... this one goes out to my dear friend,  lydia :)

pay day - classified

this is one of a few songs released in the past year that hit a perfect blend of 70s pop with the present. it just feels right!

trouble - pink

i've got nothing but love for p!nk, and she's got (almost) nothing but motivating jams... this is one of my favourites, even if it is one of her lesser-known singles. who's surprised - it was co-written by tim armstrong!

typical - mutemath

'i've lived through my share of misfortune, i've worked in the blazing sun, but how long should it take somebody before they can be someone? ... and i'm feeling like it's now or never, can i break the spell of the typical?' this song takes me back to a particular stage in my life (i call that stage....2007), and pumps me up to do all. the. things.

your turn! what did i miss? what are your go-to songs when you need to take it up a notch? let me know in the comments! 

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