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11 April 2014

lately i've been thankful for...
opportunities to create lovely images with lovely ladies - game of thrones is back! omgomgomgomg! - a date with two of my favourite people - a very 'stacey' cake, compliments of my sweet roommate - watching one of my oldest friends kill it at a battle rap competition - getting my beloved guitar back up and strumming (this was one of the priority items for me to retrieve from new zealand) - froyo because yolo with my man - running with a view... winter is almost over! - 

it's been too long! april has been busy and lively and fun. i took a leap into something i've been plotting for a while (more soon!), and i truly hit the ground running. i've had some super inspiring coffee dates with a new friend with whom i have a creepy amount in common, and am amped to keep kicking ass in 2014. the internet has been full of gems lately - check out some of these links!

- on being re-inspired to push your limits, to make yourself proud.

'- i had begun to enjoy the seduction of inadequacy, but a flower couldn't help but bloom inside of me..." an absolute must-watch video on beauty. for more, this is a fantastic supplementary read for more of the buzz around Lupita.

- for the writers: just write. seriously. every day.

- holy resources, batman!

this is about to happen to my favourite five iron t-shirt from yesteryear.

- total cello badassery.

- this woman knows how to make even a blog post sexy... oh! and it's a post about music. yes.

- this romantic and heartwarming video is making the rounds...

- and this video will remind you how simple and beautiful life really is...

i've been reading so.much.stuff on blogging and business while trying to brainstorm for some next steps, and i've found some pure gold...

- first of all, sign up for sarah von bargen's small business newsletter - it comes with two e-books chalk-a-block full of advice and resources. GOLD.

- through the e-books above i've tuned in to some great new voices. i don't normally listen to podcasts, but shenee's all-caps-excited audio Q&A was just what i needed to hear.

find anything good on the internet lately? more importantly, what are YOU thankful for?!

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