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26 April 2014

this week i am thankful for... 

- a modern hymn that spoke straight to my heart this week. 'put no trust in the earth...' thank you. - new hair! - delicious food and great company on our wee road trip to calgary - spring grass finally sprouting - banana nutella muffins. yes. - i love this face, even when it's hidden - 
the last little while has been a bit busy and stressful, and i have found myself stopping to give thanks so often - it's a little respite in the middle of runaway-train thoughts. other things i have been thankful for this week: a dear friend's birthday; my freaking awesome landlady; lots of family time over easter weekend; a thought-provoking book written by a dear friend; queen; a lovely coffee date with trish the awesome; nice enough weather to run outside...

have i ever mentioned that i love the internet?! yes, yes i think i have. regardless, here are some gems i've found around the place lately:

- clothes for kids that are both entirely ethical and just a little bit punk rock.
- a photographic exploration of america's rockabilly culture
- an amazeballs t-shirt design that only edmontonians will understand
- the ever-inspiring questlove started a series with venture magazine... i want to read everything this guy ever writes! his work is hella musically motivating and thought-provoking
- on leaving behind the stones...
- i made these muffins, minus the blueberries, plus the nutella, and they were glorious
- a new favourite the voice audition (yes, i have many) - a must-watch, via Sarah

alright, that's it from me - what are YOU thankful for?

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  1. Those banana Nutella muffins truly were glorious Stacey!


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