Goodbye 2015...

31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

It has been so, so long since I've published anything on this blog… To those of you who still check it from time to time - thank you! And... I'm sorry for my long silence! With two other blogs that I keep up for my businesses, finding time to write for fun has been a challenge. A challenge that I hope to overcome in 2016... 

Regardless, I hope that as you read this update you are warm and content, with memories of a Christmas filled with love fresh in your mind and a feeling of hope for the new opportunities that the new year brings in your heart. I know that I am, and for that I am thankful.

2015 has been a year of hard work and challenges, as well as plenty of moments of joy. I am excited to share some photos and stories from the past year with you. 

In January, Ryan I went on our only travel adventure (outside of Canada, that is). First, we went to New York City. If you have been following along here for a while, you will know that I have a dear friend in New York so I have had the pleasure of visiting the number of times. It was Ryan's first time in New York City so we made sure to see the sights, eat the pizza, and tried to take in everything we could. 

Dean & Deluca! 

Some highlights included getting to catch up with not only my friend Jessie, but also any another friend that I met in Fiji on my very first international travel adventure with YWAM in 2004, Annie. Yes, it was crazy to think that I first met these ladies and shared so many special experiences with them ten years ago. Like the best friendships, it was easy to pick up just where we left off. In serendipitous coincidence, a great friend from New Zealand, Kim, was also in New York at the same time so we got to go for lunch with her. Another highlight included touring Carnegie Hall. 

Lastly we had the absolutely incredible experience of getting a long tour of NYC - on a private trip on an NYPD police boat! No, we were not arrested… my friend Jessie serves in the harbor unit for the NYPD and got her crew to give us a ride during a quiet hour. With just us, Jessie, and three on-duty cops, we sailed out to the Statue of Liberty and around the southern tip of Manhattan all the way up to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was an unbelievably amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Next, we took a bus up to Boston where we stayed with some dear friends Nate and Wendy. It was very cold, so a lot of our time was spent tasting all the fantastic Boston cuisine... clam "chowdah", Boston cream donuts, cannoli in Little Italy, beer at the Samuel Adams brewery and more. We enjoyed watching the sunset from the top of one of Boston's tallest buildings, Prudential Tower.

In February, two friends from New Zealand, Josiah and Michelle, came to visit us in Canada. It was a long-anticipated visit and we were so, so excited to host them here. We basically cleared our schedules and enjoyed taking them tobogganing, showing them around Edmonton and going to Banff and Lake Louise with them. It sure is easier to enjoy the cold and snow when you're seeing it through someone else's eyes! We had an amazing time with them and missed them as soon as we said goodbye. 

I celebrated my 30th birthday in March, and to mark the occasion, Ryan threw me quite the surprise party. I have always wanted a back to the future "Enchantment Under The Sea" theme party. And he delivered just that… complete with a flux capacitor cake, sea-themed snacks, flaming tire tracks (sort of), and a bunch of my nearest and dearest - in costume, of course. It was a night to remember! 

In May, one of my best friends (Angee) and I traveled to Waterton Lakes National Park, where we did some hiking and horseback riding. I had never been before and couldn't believe what a peaceful and beautiful place existed just a few hours away from home. 

When we could, Ryan and I spent the Summer weekends at his family cabin at Skeleton lake. One of the more memorable times was on August long weekend, when we were joined by our close friends Darin and Rosalyn to celebrate Ryan's birthday. We had a blast making pizza and going out on the lake.

I also welcomed another nephew into the family this year - Max Arthur, born on August 10 to my sister Alana, and her husband, Adam. Auntie life is the bomb, and I love hanging out with my niece Ellie and my nephew Ben, as well. 

The biggest focus of my year has been building my wedding DJ business. They aren't kidding when they say that running your own business is hard work! There have been a lot of questions and road blocks and self doubt along the way, but also many rewarding evenings getting to see two families celebrate with my newly married friends, and I feel privileged to be a part of that celebration. In my first year with my own business, I had 23 bookings... and I already have 8 confirmed for next year! I am thankful to get to do something I truly love. The photo below is from a Christmas event that I performed at in Simons at West Edmonton Mall. You can read more about my DJ business on the website, here.

The edmonton wedding website I started ( continues to grant me connections with amazing people. This year we held two networking events, the second which celebrated a redesign of the website and had almost 100 people in attendance. The city is full of fun, generous and creative wedding professionals, and I am stoked to be making some new friends. The photos below are from our latest networking event. 


In September, Ryan and I celebrated our two year anniversary with dinner and a concert. We had front row tickets to Weird Al Yankovic, and those who know me well know that I'm not ashamed to admit that Weird Al is one of my absolute favourites. We both laughed so hard that we cried when Weird Al jumped off the stage and sang cheesy pickup lines right to me during his song "Wanna B Ur Lovr." Absolutely hilarious! 

Looking back on the year, I am thankful for so many happy memories in the midst of what felt like a challenging season. I'm thankful for new friends and old, family, Ryan, and the grace of God to keep promising hope for the future. Ryan and I are looking forward to the new year and the fresh perspective it brings. We've got dreams of more adventures, more creativity, and more time with loved ones. If you're reading this and haven't seen us in a while - just call! We'd love to reconnect with those who have been distant. It's all too easy to let another year go by without catching up.

I sincerely hope you are well, warm, and dreaming big dreams for 2016.

With love,


Ryan, his Grandma and I at the Winspear Centre in December 2015.


  1. Love your update! Thanks for sending. Happy New Year! x

  2. Wishing you the happiest new year full of love, surprises and adventure!!

  3. Love you!! So good to see you so happy!! Much love!!


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