87 things.

21 February 2012

today is the anniversary of the day that changed everything. it is still sad, and i still shed tears about it all. today i went down to the cordon and got the closest i have been to my past life in a year. i miss that life so much... i want to remember everything about it that i can - it's never going to be there again to remind me, so i best record it now before my memories start to fade. i have been writing down everything i have been thinking of today, from memories of people and events, to little things i loved.

christchurch and i, not long after we first met.

to celebrate these memories, i made a list of 87 things i loved about christchurch. i can count 14 that still exist (in the same way that i loved them). enjoy. maybe you were a part of one of these memories :)

1. the sea. 2. the port hills. 3. castle rock. 4. the 33k fellowship. 5. elliots house on Peterborough street. 6. learning things from joy. 7. celebrating new years in the square. 8. fish and chips on the beach. 9. steph mcewin’s studio, wherever it was. 10. 19 admirals way. 11. the exponents ‘why does love do this to me.’ 12. SOL Square. 13. Le Cafe. 14.walking on the smooth stones that paved cathedral square. there was just something about them. 15. going to the arts centre market on Saturdays. 16. getting 5$ thai and a diet coke for lunch after church on Sundays from the vendors behind the court theatre. 17. the sign of the takahe. 18. ginger tom. 19. salmon and cream cheese pizza at the dux. 20. dimitris. 21. c1. 22. fires at the sign of the bellbird. 23. the cupcake parlour. 24. the central library. 25. cheap but yummy. 26. sunshine bbq. 27. street 10. 28. joe’s garage. 29. latimer square. 30. eating lunch beside the avon. 31. getting dimitris for lunch during rich times. 32. getting 2$ rice for lunch during poor times. 33. eating lunch and people watching on cashel mall. 34. the art gallery. 35. getting a good park beside the river on Cambridge terrace. 36. splurging on a show at the Isaac theatre royal. 37. cheapskates. 38.punk rock gigs. 39. corpse parties, the few i went to. 40. gigs at antony's. 41. chats with axle. 42. satanchurch bike gang. 43. the eastern. 44. running along the avon. 45. goodbye blue Monday, as much as i hate to admit it. 46. fat eddies. 47. longboarding in hagley park. 48. going on adventures with Lindsay. 49. going to movies at the regent. 50. when church was at level 2, 140a Lichfield street. 51. boring Christmas eve mass at the basilica – the choir and the architecture was worth the boring. 52. Washington. 53. regionals. 54. the go-to’s 55. cups of tea. 56. going to lush on my lunch breaks. 57. people watching in the square. 58. tete a tete, and being called ‘sweet’. 59. smiths books, especially the top floor. 60. dan the punk. 61. Che. 62. hack circle. 63. the fountain kids. 64. hanging with antony in otautahi tattoo shop. 65. living in linwood. 66. the usuals. 67. skating from cheaps to wash on Monday at 5. 68. being Stacey taxi... in little red & in the jelly bean. 69. the wunderbar. 70. watching mali play. 71. Canterbury cheesemongers! 72. making gus curwood chuckle. 73. nood food’s chocolate macaroons 74. the high street family. 75. bumping into someone i knew every five feet. 76. visiting guy for drinks at flying burrito brothers. 77. new regent street. 78. the pointless moving sculpture at high st and Lichfield, and seeing how high the kids had got their stickers on it. 79. the walk from scarborough to taylors mistake. 80. the little baches at taylor’s mistake. 81. new brighton pier. 82. walking through town really late at night. 83. the girls at 104 barbour street. 84. riding my red bike around town. 85. Christchurch fashion, which you don’t realise is there until you go somewhere else. 86. watching Stig 87. walking home with alex on sunday nights.

He aha te mea nui o te Otautahi? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
what is the most important thing in christchurch? the people, the people, the people.

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