under pressure

21 February 2012

the past couple days have been pretty frustrating. the usual things, you know - flat tire, friction at work, people letting you down, and the like. all of that, mixed with the impending emotions of tomorrow - the one year anniversary of the thing which totally changed everything - had left me struggling to stay positive, though i really was trying.
on my way home from work, i turned on the radio and one of my absolute favourite songs was playing - queen's 'under pressure'. i love that song for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it is played in one of my favourite movies - it's kind of a funny story. just thinking about that bit of the movie puts a smile on my face...something about this stressed-out kid in a mental health facility escaping reality to belt out some queen just speaks to my heart. totally worth the watch - oh look, there it is just down there :)

the glitter in zach galafanakis' beard gets me every time....

after dinner i decided to take a walk up to the hills again, which turned out to be a most cathartic wee trek. on the way up, grumbling and re-hashing those arguments, and forcing myself onward and upward (both literally and figuratively!) on the way down, singing out loud to florence's 'shake it out' and smiling as i watched the sun dip below the peaks of the hills....again, with the whole perspective thing....

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