...do you play the ukelele?

8 May 2012

today i ventured into the big city to look for a jorb. it didn't take long before i was sidetracked... i ended up in a music shop, and when the young lad keeping the shop asked if i was looking for anything in particular, i asked to be pointed in the direction of sheet music for the clarinet. when i found nothing particularly inspiring, i turned to leave the shop, and just as my hand hovered over the handle, the boy addressed me timidly. 

'um, excuse me,' he says, 'but do you play the ukelele?'

'oh! um, no, i don't. sorry.'

'oh. well, would you like to look at the ukeleles?'

i was caught slightly off-guard. 'um...yeah. sure.'

so the boy lead me to a corner of the shop that was filled with all sorts of stringed instruments, and proceeded to show me the selection of budget ukeleles. then, he led me to the higher-quality ukeleles, including a bass ukelele, which he handed me to play... i held it, and strummed it a couple times. not very well, though. after all, i don't play the ukelele.

i didn't walk out of the shop with a ukelele, but i did, in fact, leave with a small square of paper with the details for a pink Stagg acoustic guitar scrawled on them. the boy had also insisted on taking my details, so he could let me know if any more pink guitars came in stock. what a helpful wee chappy.

this was by far the most bizarre, and simultaneously, the most charming 15 minutes of my day :) 

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