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6 May 2012

this week i'm thankful for...

having amazeballs food (happened a lot this week, actually) - when new people find my blog and comment on it so i know they've been here! (hint, hint) - subtle signs of spring - hanging with my grandma (and mom, and auntie) at the dinner theatre - spending all weekend with my cousins, its been way too long since that happened! - the beautiful poetry in the pilgrim's progress - a real canadian meal - the amazing sunsets over the lake - monster strawberries!
and all of these delightful things:
- when the perfect song comes on when i'm running - having a short blurb of my writing featured on ocsplora - these indigenous hairstyles made me smile - seeing Chicago...i adore a good musical - getting back into the groove of running 5k - 1Samuel - skype chats - my family! - emails that make me smile - the pilgrim's progress...inspired! - playing monopoly deal with my brother and cousins - chillin in the spa under the stars - nana naps - heytells from alex :) -

hey, this guy called shawn anchor did a captivating ted talk on positive psychology, which i really enjoyed, and wholeheartedly reccomend. as he outlines towards the end of his message, i have totally felt a change in my perspective as i have ventured out on this adventure of gratitude - i can actually feel this practise changing the way i perceive things. now... what are YOU thankful for?!


  1. Loving this Stace! I am grateful to have enough money to travel and eat and be warm. And that you travelled to NZ so I got to mee YOU

    1. and I am also SO thankful i know you, kim! srsly. i hold the memories of our bk #4's and cups of tea very close to my heart :)

  2. Just watched that TED talk, great stuff, thanks. I'm really enjoying following you blog and silently keeping up with some of whats happening in your world.
    As for me, I'm grateful for my amazing wife who made me eggs benedict for brunch today.


    1. aww, thanks kenny! i have missed you guys a lot...hopefully one day we will be less like ships passing in the night, and more like friends that hang out, like, normally. one day :)
      and thanks for revealing that you sneakily read this, i'm glad :)


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