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28 May 2012

wow! it has been a busy week. i started my new job, which i am very grateful for, and got to spend some time with loved ones...which has resulted in not a lot of time spent in front of the computer! this week can be summed up in today's gratitude cafe, and i've got a few posts up my sleeve, so don't worry, i won't be so quiet next week :) without further ado, this week i am thankful for:

getting creative with some tasty treats - delicious food, wrapped in ska checks, just for me ;) - a beautiful place to sit and eat my lunch - hanging with my cousin and her charming little monkey - my new job!!! - getting to drive for the first time since being in canada! - going to the muttart conservatory with mum & dad - ice cream with mum & dad - finishing Jules Verne's classic tale - listening to my dear friend alisha share about her adventures in africa - seeing a tractor drive down the main street of the town i grew up charmingly cliche! - some beautiful reminders of a NZ summer; toi-toi's at the muttart
other things i have to be thankful for this week:
- this article that made me laugh to the point of tears. you're welcome. - this post about enjoying your own company - getting to catch up with my dear friend Amber - my new is such a blessing! - phil wickham's new album (free download too!) - my rad friends at King of Kings Skateboard Ministry. they freaking rule, always a constant encouragement - helping my sister with crafts, always a good time - seeing old friends, who now have babies!! so rad to see families growing. jon & philippa and marshall & marlene...some awesome friends from past adventures -

and, i'm thankful for you, taking the time to read this :)

now, what are YOU thankful for??


  1. The photos are lovely! The cupcakes look so good(: I am thankful for being able to spend the summer back home!


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