gratitude cafe: fathers day edition.

18 June 2012

today i want to make a special edition of my weekly 'gratitude cafe' to celebrate father's day :) i love the photo of us above, it is one of the very few photos i have where dad is actually smiling for a camera! a rare sight indeed. this week especially, i am thankful for my dad. i have many fond memories with my dad:...
- he used to come in from the garden with his hands cupped together, only to open them to set free a little green frog that would set us off squealing - his uncontrollable 'dancing leg' - listening to records with the volume way up...american pie, the beatles, ccr...all sorts of good old music (perhaps that's where my love of old music comes from??) - planting things in the garden, and eating fresh peas from the pod - looking for saskatoon berries together -all the things he has fixed for me over the years - going to the art gallery together - going to see david gray at the folk fest - making (and eating!) g.g.'s baking powder biscuits - quoting monty python's quest for the holy grail - the list goes on....

Happy Father's Day, Daddio. I love you. 

other things i am thankful for this week:
- shopping with my sister, and oogling over designer shoes - my awesome brother in law making us breakfast this morning. he also makes an epic cup of warmed my heart to be offered 3 different types of beans, two different brewing methods, and three different strengths to choose from...legendary - seeing a dear childhood friend, ryan - going dancing with my sister and brother in law on saturday night - getting to celebrate my rad uncle keith's 60th birthday, and seeing extended family that i haven't seen since i don't even know when - a beautiful rainbow while driving through the countryside - 

so full of gratitude tonight... what are YOU thankful for??


  1. Monty Python! Yesssss! LOL!

  2. Aw, how sweet. I love the write up about your father, and I can totally see a dad making their kids squeal over a frog. Haha

    Also, I wish I could pull off a nose ring like you. I have to keep little studs in, otherwise I look like a bull or something. ;)

    1. haha, thanks! I've had the ring in for so long now, I hardly even think about it! the key is finding a small ring so it doesn't stick out too much... but then again it just suits some people better to rock a stud :) thanks for stopping by! x


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