staggering generousity

19 June 2012

back in march, i had the privilege of meeting with this year's leaders of the christchurch branches of Snowboarders For Christ and Christian Surfers. for those of you who don't know, i am part of an awesome family of skateboarders in christchurch - so the three of us have similar roles in the different boardsports communities in our city. we met over a casual cup of coffee and listened to each other's aspirations and goals for the year, as well as shared a bit of our background, and how we came to be a leader in our chosen community. Letitia and Michael are two very inspiring and enthusiastic people, the kind of people whose zest for life rubs off on you, and our conversations left me walking away from the cafe with an extra bit of spring in my step.
Michael, who had initiated the gathering, had a very specific purpose for our conversation - he was determined to find ways that we could work together and support each other in our work. After hearing about our skate family, Michael told me that he'd like to raise some money to build us a skate ramp of our own. i was very impressed by his eagerness to take on such a time-consuming and selfless task...but if i'm being truthful, part of me doubted that it would actually happen. okay, most of me doubted that it would happen. this had nothing at ALL to do with Michael, and everything to do with the fact that in the past, we have had a plethora of people admire and commend our contributions to the skate community, offering to help, but never following through. i thought Michael's offer was too good to be true, and put it to the back of my mind, leaving him to have to ask me over and over again for a written profile of our group that he could use in his fundraising efforts. i know, i know - at this point i should have believed that he meant what he said.

and yet, it was the surprise of a lifetime to hear a few weeks ago that Michael and his crew turned up to our youth centre on a monday afternoon and assembled a brand-spanking-new handmade skate ramp, now ours to keep. i was close to tears looking at the photos of a gift that i know will bring so much enjoyment to our family. i am so impressed by this young man who went out of his way to plan, raise money, and execute such an extravagant gift for us... and i am humbled that people are backing this family that i have poured so much of my own love and effort into for the past five and a half years. especially now that i am half a world away from our skate fam, i am honored to see that others are stepping up to contribute to making the world a better place for a group of raucous, ridiculous and utterly remarkable young skateboarders. 

it's all coming together...

just about ready to be enjoyed...

the first lines on a ramp that is sure to be much loved and very well-used.

thanks so much to Michael and the SFC family for loving on us in such an extravagant and tangible way! can't thank you enough :)


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