gratitude cafe

4 June 2012

this week i am thankful for:

- tasty treats on a hot afternoon at work - seeing wild rabbits all over many as six sightings in one day! - poutine! a total canadianism,  for those who don't know - hanging with two of my favourite people, alex and nathan, and laughing hard (as i always do with them) - beginning and really enjoying great expectations - church potluck goodies on a sunday afternoon - seeing pretty things around town - watching a horse show with family - seeing my rad cousin win fourth place in one of her first shows...go kirsten!! - 

- finding another go-to video for laughs on a bad day - music from the fifties - getting a raise, simply because of a pay grid adjustment, when i've only worked ten shifts - discovering that charles dickens had a sense of humor. pardon my literary ignorance, but i had no idea! - getting offered a weekly gig dj-ing - having such a blast helping dj a wedding - opportunities to be patient. - having a car to drive over the weekend - faceTime-ing my dear friend rachel...ahh how good is it to talk to one of my best girlfriends, especially when i can see their face! cheers technology :) -

thats me. now what are YOU thankful for???

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