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30 July 2012

this week i am thankful for: 

- the BEST coffee i've had in a long time (from transcend on 109 street) - scoring some bangin Iron Fist wedges on sale -  to rome with love ... a pleasantly surprising film (that makes me want to drop everything and move to Rome!) - seeing my bestest bestie for only the second time in the past 4 years, and picking up right where we left off - buying my ticket and nearly DYING in anticipation of seeing five iron frenzy next weekend! - drinks and pizza on the patio with awesome angee - watching the muppets again... just as charming as it was the first time around - buying new glasses! for the first time in 8 years! stoked to have frames i actually want to wear. - oodle noodle's salad rolls. de. lish. - 

other reasons i am thankful this week:
- coffee - having some deep talks with a kid at the skatepark - hanging with my sister and discovering a fantastic sushi restaurant - cherry super nibs - laughing til i cried watching guys compete in a wayne's world head-banging competition to bohemian rhapsody while DJing - getting to faclitate a mini-workshop for my coworkers... i forget how much i love youth work until you get me talking about it... - spinning tunes at a wedding on saturday night - sleeping in -

what are YOU thankful for this week??

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