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24 July 2012

this week i am thankful for:

- getting to go to the zero & mystery skate team demo edmonton - having some interesting visitors in my wee shack on a rainy day at work - rain! and lots of it... meaning, lots of water to remove from the skatepark. - puzzle time with my cuzzies - hanging with my rad girlie Amber and making new babyfriends - visiting a remarkable catholic shrine in the middle of nowhere... more on this later this week! - breathtaking sunsets over the lake - alberta colors - quad-ing with the cuzzies and much fun! - 

other things i am thankful for this week:
- the night circus! this book totally rocked my imagination this week. i recommend! - this thought-provoking piece that reminds us that the journey to a meaningful life isn't always pretty - catching up with my rad friend Carmen, for the first time in 4 years - having dinner with all of my siblings...that hasn't happened for a really long time! - a really relaxing and fun weekend with my cousins and grandparents at the lake - sleeping in - pizza and a movie with amber - falling alseep to thunderstorms -

what are YOU thankful for?

p.s. you may have noticed a couple changes in the works here on the blog...will let you know when the transformation is complete :) 

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