get lost! : Boston (part 2)

16 August 2012

one of the most memorable parts of my trip to boston was the hour we spent exploring the boston public library. the mckim building, built in 1895, is covered in artwork, ornate carvings, and meaningful inscriptions. it reminded me a lot of the state library of new south wales in sydney. i imagine the architects were probably instagramming photos of their building progress, and thus similarities developed. something like that. 

anyways, if you're making a list of things to do in boston, make sure this incredible library makes the cut. dubbed the 'palace for the people,' not only is it breathtaking to look at, it's also rich with history, and home to nearly nine million books! 

- bates hall - 

- all this beauty, on the celings! - 

- wendy and i in the courtyard - 

stay tuned for one last set of photos from my adventures in boston :)

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