get lost! - Boston (part 1)

14 August 2012

say it....say chowda!

- in transit -

due to being crazy busy before heading to boston last weekend, i hadn't done a lot of research on what there is to see and do in boston, and i hadn't made any concrete plans, aside from tasting the famed new england clam 'chowda' and finding out firsthand whether boston cream donuts are, in fact, from boston. Luckily, i was visiting some amazing friends - Nate and Wendy - who gave me a great holiday that included seeing both the 'must-sees' and some off-the-beaten-track specialties, and hiding from the crazy heat with a fan blowing on my face while watching the olympics. perfection.

i am a sucker for beautiful old brick buildings, and in that regard, Boston did not disappoint! 

newbury street was one of my favourite places in the city. designer clothing shops, chic little cafes and quirky specialty stores are nestled snugly together under brick facades, with wrought-iron railings and ivy-coated doorways.  there is really something for everyone on this delightful little street...

- newbury street - 
- newbury street shop window... 216 vintage sewing machines! - 

- newbury street fashion - 
- the hat shop on newbury street was hosting an in-house birthday soiree... quite charming, really! - 

- so much character, everywhere you look. - 

just around the corner from newbury street is the beautiful boston common, a network of parks and pathways. we went to see 'shakespeare on the common,' an open-air production of the bard's Corolianus. it was a lovely setting, and a lovely idea, but unless you're a die-hard shakespeare fan, i'd say wait until they're performing a play that you know and love!

- this guy's a die-hard shakespeare fan... - 

speaking of die-hard fans, nate took me to fenway stadium, home of the famed boston red-sox. the closest i come to being a baseball fan is when i'm watching a league of their own, but it was still pretty cool to see the baseball mecca, considering you can't walk 10 feet in boston without crossing paths with someone in a red sox top.

just down the street from fenway, we went for lunch at el pelon taqueria, a pumping little mexican joint with great, authentic food at a decent price. highly recommended!

- inside el pelon ... i love a good skeleton mariachi band -

another ah-mazeballs, must-eat place was the friendly toast in cambridge. wendy and i stumbled upon this place in search of air conditioning, and were so stoked to find a quirky little oasis that offered unique flavour combos, great service, and a cacaphony of retro decor. we were mega-impressed, and also mega-stuffed-full-of-food-after-only-eating-half-of-what-we-ordered. 

- provolone &blue cheese cheesy fries with strawberry habanero dip - mojito milkshake -green eggs & ham served here!-

we had ventured to cambridge to find the legendary garment district, which was a treasure trove of retro clothing, costumes and accessories. we both found a couple gems, but we had to get out of there quick - no air conditioning! if you're into clothing a little out of the ordinary, be sure to hit this place up - just do it on a day that's not a million degrees outside...

- inside the garment district -

on the last day in boston, nate and wendy treated me to the famous 'duck tour'. i'd read mixed reports online, but in the end i was SO glad to have toured the city this way. i'm not usually one for a guided tour, but in a city with so much history, which i know very little about, it was nice to cover a lot of ground in  a short time, with a running commentary. with only 4 days in boston, this was a perfect way to see 'all the things', though if i did it over again, i would have gone on the first day i was there, so i got an idea of what i might want re-visit. the amphibious vehicle was fairly unimpressive on land, and mediocre as a water vessel, but in the moment that it transitions from land to water, let me tell you, it was MAGICAL. 

- riding the charles river by 'duck' - going through the old locks - ducks on land - the boston museum of science - 

- sharing the charles river with beginner sailors - 

 stay tuned for another post on my boston adventure, coming later this week!

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