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8 August 2012

well, hello!
i'm back in canada, exhausted after three flights on very little sleep, but still elated from an incredible getaway to new england. delayed, but jam-packed with things to be thankful for, here's this week's gratitude cafe!

this week i am thankful for:

travel. i love hanging in airports, flying, the whole bit! - BOSTON. (and all it's urban beauty) - cooling off on a very hot new england day - seeing the supertones play! forgot how much i like these guys - renting a was the first time i did, and i couldn't believe they just let me take this new car (without a stern lecture first or something) - FIVE IRON FRENZY my all-time favourite band, who i saw play on saturday...words can hardly do the show justice! - touring boston with my dear friends nate and wendy on an amphibious vehicle...pretty rad. - meeting leanor till, a woman who mega inspires me - getting on my flight home, was 3 minutes shy of missing my flight! 

other reasons to smile this week:
- a 3-day work week - safe travels - good weather - 'the man called cash,' a very inspiring biography of johnny cash, written by steve turner - my health - sunshine - getting to see two amazing friends, Nate & wendy, for the first time in five years - great food - being re-inspired to follow my dreams ...jason upton helped with that - lecrae - transcendental music moments - meeting some incredible new friends at soulfest - being reminded of and humbled by how far i've come, by no strength of my own - watching the Olympics - a great dinner with my family to celebrate my parents' 30th anniversary -


what are YOU thankful for?? 


  1. This is great. I do believe that gratitude is such an amazing gift we all have to feel for almost anything in our lives.

    1. you're so right! we don't have to look far to find reason to be thankful :) thanks for stopping by!


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