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3 September 2012

photo by harvey miedreich
over the past few months i have been spending a lot of my spare time helping my friend nate over at he's given the site a new look, and i am prouder than ever to let you know that i have a new piece up, kicking off this month's theme of 'looking good.' 

for this story, i had the chance to catch up with janis galloway, stylist and creative mind behind dress me dearly, and was mega impressed with her passion, not just for her work, but also for the city of edmonton.  if you're after advice on how to make your dreams a reality, or how to stay grounded in the community around you, be sure to give the interview a geez! janis' pearls of entrepreneurial wisdom are sure to help you make a start.

read the article here, and if you like what you read, be sure to share it with others :)


  1. Thanks again for this interview, such great questions and I'm so honoured to be featured!!!

    Dress Me Dearly


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