gratitude cafe - friendship edition

14 April 2013

well, well, well.

it has certainly been a long time since i've posted a gratitude cafe... what say we start these up again?? yes. yes we shall.

it's four and a half months into 2013 (HOLYCRAPHOWDIDTHATEVENHAPPEN!?), and i have truly sucked in the department of practising gratitude. there have been some fairly extreme ups and downs, but i certainly have a lot to be thankful for. at the top of the list, though, is the people who have brightened my life with their smiles. this gratitude cafe is dedicated to all the fan-freaking-tastic humans in my life.

'you're the strangest person i ever met, she said & i said you too & we decided we'd know each other a long time.' - brian andreas

 today i'm thankful for:
- nixie for the giggles and the smoothies and the hair times and the hugs and honesty - charlene for the deep chats and the laughs and the hope on my behalf and the all-of-a-sudden fantastic friendship... i can't believe how much i have missed you in the three weeks you've been gone - lanny for the hospitality and the spontaneous hangs and the music and seriously, being one of the most genuinely kind people i've ever met - and ryan, for everything - 

- the entire lttx church family for welcoming me so unreservedly - ryan for cheering when i walk through the door every week - amanda for instant friendship and coffee and smiles and hope for good times ahead - shawn & kate & grace & elijah for laughs and the beatles and word-geeking - sergio for always-honesty and genuineness - tara for including me in everything, and great chats whilst crafting -

my brother, the darth, and i

- my brothers for non-stop pun and meme texts throughout my week - my sister for always being around and generally awesome - mum & dad for a fab birthday dinner, even in a blizzard - carmen for always encouraging me - for alex and angee, two of the most fab gf-s that a girl could ask for - johnny and mali for near-continual online dialogue - and to alex o for marathon phone calls, and picking up just where we left off - the buxtons for everything, ever -

on monday afternoon, i was driving down whyte ave, and in the space of about 15 blocks, i drove past three people i knew, cruising along on the sidewalk. later, i stopped in at planet organic and ran into yet another friend. one thing i always loved about christchurch was that i was guaranteed to see familiar faces wherever i went... i've missed that, and i am very grateful that i am collecting more familiar faces in edmonton - maybe, just maybe, i am starting to feel at home.

thank you. 

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