gratitude cafe: 'work.'

22 April 2013

smiles and seventies sing-alongs. 

i'm thankful for the simplicity i have on days like today, where it is my job to make sure that the tasks involved in producing a batch of peanut butter cookies are shared equally among three people. it has to be fair, or someone will feel left out. each step needs to be explained as simply, concisely and clearly as i can manage, while thinking on my feet. two dozen cookies is a major victory for a day in my workplace.

on friday, my workday consisted of attending a sledge-hockey match, with about a hundred absolutely elated spectators. a highlight was when 'YMCA' came on over the pa system, and the game paused while spectators and athletes both stopped to enjoy doing the dance together. i loved that the days schedule was readily paused for the sake of solidarity in silliness.

yes, there are days that i can't wait to burn out that front door at the end of my shift. i'm regularly called names, i've been spat on (and worse), i've had to completely re-determine my criteria for a 'successful' day. but ultimately, i am so thankful for my job. 'my girls' are hilarious and feisty and unique, and i absolutely love connecting with them through their very individual tastes in music.

today, i am thankful for the opportunities they give me to embrace simple pleasures, black-and-white decision making, and celebrating even the smallest of victories.

what are YOU thankful for?

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