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25 June 2013

i have this awesome friend called nate. this one time, nate, his awesome wife wendy, and i got invited to a gypsy wedding in romania. we went. it was rad. 

see, i'm not making this stuff up! there's nate with all the beautiful gypsy kiddies.  - romania. 2006. 

our current adventures include challenging each other to be more creative and collaborating on a little somethin' somethin' we like to call OCSPLORA. in a nutshell? stories of creativity, generousity, and adventure. 

nate just published our latest volume, and it is available for free-zies, just for you! it includes 2 pieces that i am uber-duber proud of, where i interviewed one of edmonton's top fashion bloggers, and wrote about an impressive gentleman called joe, who makes snazzy clothing that both looks good and does good. win! 

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