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24 June 2013

lately, i have been SO thankful for my awesome little home.

i'm officially outed as a girlie-girl... details from my bedroom window.

i have now been in my rockin wee girl-pad for two months, and i have felt a remarkable shift in my brain landscape. it is so good for the soul to have a place that feels so much 'my own.' i've been blessed with a job where i am home by 3:30 every day, and the long evenings in such a peaceful place are wonderful. i am in a gorgeous part of the city, within walking distance of my favourite avenue, my sister's house, church, and an inner-city farm that i absolutely love wandering around. our apartment building is quiet and friendly, and i can see families playing in the park from my bedroom window. the sound of kids playing is a delightful thing to wake up to on a saturday morning. i am blessed.

around my home - teacups, home cookin', herbs and spices that make my flattie happy, and floor picnics with fabulous friends.  the best.

i also have a lovely roommate who feeds me well, and gets as excited as i do about dirrrrrty pop from the nineties - what more could one ask for?

coordinating linens, like a real grown up. i know, guys, i'm just as surprised as you. 

i read within a poet's book
a word that starred the page:
'stone walls do not a prison make,
nor iron bars a cage!'

yes, that is true; and something more
you'll find, where'er you roam,
that marble floors and gilded walls
can never make a home.
but every house where Love abides,
and Friendship is a guest,
is surely home, and home-sweet-home:
for there the heart can rest.
- henry van dyke

this week i'm thankful for my home. what are YOU thankful for?

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