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10 June 2013

Zombies like to dance too.
photo by keoni101 on flickr 

a month ago, i started taking swing dance lessons with my rad friend erin. OH HOLY CRAP. i love it. if you know me, or have been hanging around here at the delight adventure for a while, you may have picked up that i kinda love all things retro - especially music. so learning to dance to the sounds of pre-war swing, makes my little heart get all explode-y. 

here's some footage from my swing club - this makes me want to learn ALL THE THINGS, so that one day i, too, can be awesome. 

this week, i am SO thankful for swing dancing! i'm grateful that my life currently includes the free time and money to do something that makes my heart smile so. 

here's a pretty hilarious old movie clip that explains jitterbug swing (...kind of.)

what are YOU thankful for??

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