your jam for the weekend is... 90s dance anthems!

7 June 2013

'we are inside the music' by marc johns

hey guys, guess what? i kinda love music. just in case you hadn't picked up on that already....

anyways, because i love music so, i am starting a new tradition - your jam for the weekend!

what is it? every friday afternoon i'll be hooking you up with a playlist of 10 songs to get you amped for your weekend. you can expect feel-good beats of all styles and eras, old familiar faves and new sounds. let's get into it!

here's this weekend's jam:

your jam for the weekend is... 90s dance anthems!

when i roll up to a DJ gig and start evaluating the crowd, i can't help but grin when i see a crowd full of people in their late 20s to late 30s. oh, i know juuuuuust what's gonna get you kids on the d-floor. hellooooo 90s dance anthems.

i feel ya, 90s kids, i feel ya. here are my top picks (full disclosure: these picks are strongly influenced by the tracklist of dance mix '93, which was one of the first cassette tapes i ever owned shared in joint custody with my big sister.)

good vibrations - marky mark and the funky bunch
yes kids, before mark wahlberg was killing it in hollywood, he spent most of his time wearing personalized bling and rapping through chain link fences while shirtless...

saturday night - whigfield
a high school dance was never quite complete until this song got airplay.... does anyone remember the unofficial dance moves to this? these girls do...

move this - technotronic
ahhhh! this is my personal favourite song on the list - i always get so amped when i play this at a gig and people get into it, mostly because i can't stop myself from dancing to it, and i look less weird than usual if there are other people on the dance floor... 

another night - the real mccoy
the real mccoy had the quintessential 90s eurodance sound on lock. it was pretty hard to choose between pump up the jam, run away, one more time and this song, but another night won in my eyes, because the chorus is just so catchy, and just TRY not to imitate the dude's voice when he's singing the 'i talk, talk, i talk to you... ' lyric...

push it - salt n pepa
very strangely, i actually saw salt n pepa live about a year ago at a football game's halftime show.   yes, that was the only reason i was at the football game. i can assure you, those coordinated dance moves are still kicking. the matching oversized varsity jackets, i'm sorry to say, are not. 

it's tricky - run dmc
this inclusion is dedicated to my brother taylor, as this is officially 'his' jam. this one fills the floor - every. time. my unsolicited advice for general improvement of your life: listen to more run dmc.

gonna make you sweat - c & c music factory
no 90s dance playlist is complete without this song, it's a no-brainer!

u can't touch this - mc hammer
not unlike many other songs in the nineties, i was first introduced to this song by way of a weird al yankovic parody. i still can't decide which i like better...

mo money mo problems - notorious b.i.g., puff daddy & mase
please watch this video. you may have forgotten how very suave a matching plastic track suit can really look, and i would hate for you to continue in your ignorance. puffy & mase model them in numerous colors, for your viewing pleasure. you're welcome.

whoomp there it is - tag team
dance mix '93 represent! i knew all the words to this rap by the time i was nine years old. i understood the words to this rap.... uh, far later in life.

any 90s dance anthems i'm missing? what were your personal faves? don't you worry, i have plenty of other 90s-inspired playlists coming your way... 

enjoy your jam for the weekend! 


  1. I had an idea -- Dance classes to teach people the dance styles/moves from the nineties! MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice would definitely be some inspiration.. I would take that class.

    My other faves from the 90's:
    Lump - The Presidents of the United States
    Spice Girls!
    Backstreet Boys!
    Will Smith: Gettin' Jiggy and Miami
    Quad City DJ's -- C'mon 'N Ride It
    Give me one reason - Tracy Chapman
    No Rain - Blind Melon
    The Fugees
    Mariah Carey
    Shawn Colvin
    4 Non Blondes
    Sheryl Crow
    I'll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy.. Not sure why this produced such an emotional reaction from me back in the day..

    Ok, and this is shameful... I thought that the girls from The Macarena video were so cool. Another style for the dance class.

    1. awesome suggestions!! they've been added to my list for future playlists :) and - i TOTALLY feel ya about 'i'll be missing you'... even as a pre-teen, listening to faith evans sing about her late husband made me teary!


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