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21 June 2013

yep, it's been ten years since kelly clarkson won the first season of american idol...

can you believe that it has been TEN years since i graduated high school? yes. this very week marks a decade since i blew that popsicle stand. although ten years sounds like a long time, i actually feel like i've been gone longer than that - when i think of all the insane adventures and amazing people and you know, natural disasters and stuff, that i've met since leaving prison high school.

this weekend's jam is a mix of music that was on the charts during my 2002-03 school year - and i still find all of it irresistibly sing-and-dance-able. enjoy!

ignition - r kelly
okay, r kelly is weird. but this song was SO the jam of the moment when we graduated - i remember dancing to this at our very last high school dance. can i get a 'doop doop'? can i get a 'beep beep'?  yes, r kelly. yes you can.

get low - lil jon
oh MAN. this song is the guiltiest of the pleasures. it was released in '03, but i really fell in love with it when i was in christchurch  - a few of the boys in the skate fam loved it, and would sing along with total abandon. now, when i hear it, i can't help but do the same. (note: lyrics here are pretty crass... video is definitely nsfw or nsf-sensitive wee ears.)

work it - missy elliot
missy elliot is boss. this song is clever and catchy, and i totally remember watching this video on muchmusic countdowns and pop up videos - which was definitely the coolest way to spend your evening as a teenager in 2003.

like glue - sean paul
half the fun of listening to a sean paul song is trying to figure out what he's actually saying... the other half is copying the dance moves in the video (obviously).

hot in herre - nelly
looking at this video now, i can't really fathom how anyone could take nelly seriously with that piece of first aid tape on his face. but then again, could you take him seriously when he spells 'here' with two 'r's? serious or not, this song is never far from the tongue of a twenty-something in a room where the temperature has notably risen.

family affair - mary j blige
we don't need no hateration, holleration in this dancery. where is mary j blige these days, and why isn't she still slinging beats filled with her made-up words?!?

without me - eminem
oh, the days when eminem was sooooo controversial and offensive... and being a 'white rapper' was notable and unusual enough that it was a talking point. my 'favourite white rapper' affections may have been stolen by someone else, but i've always had a soft spot for marshall - so catchy and enticingly outspoken- and probably always will.

like i love you - justin timberlake & nelly
it was hard to love this song when it first came out - our love for *nsync was too great to make room for the concept of jt breaking out as a solo act. wait, did this mean that *nsync were breaking up??? fast forward to 2013, where jt is kiiiiiilling it musically, turning up on the big screen, and even delving into comedy - and i'm all like..... *nsync who?

just like a pill - p!nk
p!nk's music was always a safe haven for dramatic teenagers... of which i was chief. heck, it still is (and, lets be honest, i still am).

dirrty - christina aguilera
what was it with 2003 and adding a second 'r' to words?? i don't know. but what i do know is that this song was seriously risque at the time it was released. or maybe i should say 'rrisque'? whatever. i love you christina, fake-dreadlock extensions and all.

ahhh, the nostalgia! what songs were you jammin' to in your high school years? do they still get ya on the d-floor? leave me a comment and let me know!

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