your jam for the weekend is.... glam metal!

28 June 2013

okay kids, break out your tight, ripped acid-wash jeans, let your hair go wild - bonus points for mullet-esque tendencies - and don a cropped jacket with no shirt underneath: your jam for this weekend is... glam metal!

a prerequisite for your enjoyment of this playlist is a complete disregard for taking yourself seriously. this weekend, you are IN an 80s hair band, and of this fact you are unashamed. come on. roll with it. you won't regret it.

check out these jams!

paradise city - guns n roses
i don't know how he does it, but axl rose is so rock and roll that he can make a white double denim outfit look edgy. searching for fashion inspiration? look no further.

pour some sugar on me - def leppard
ahhh, one of the most sing-along-able choruses in this niche. get into it!

we're not gonna take it - twisted sister
um, this video is hilarious. you HAVE to watch it. also: speaking of fashion inspiration.... actually no. i can't even joke about this.

here i go again - whitesnake
it takes this song a minute and twenty seconds of fluff to build up to its gritty rock ballad glory, but that's part of this song's allure. you're thinking, wait, what is this song that was accidentally put on my glam metal playlist? is this michael bolton? and just as you are about to give up on it, the rock beats drop. well played, whitesnake, well played.

rock n roll all night - kiss
i find it entertaining that the bikini-clad women in this video have the same hairstyles as the men - the only way to differentiate between genders is the lush chest hair. on the men. just to be clear.

unskinny bop - poison 
the key to enjoying this song is to not try to determine what, exactly, an unskinny bop is. i've listened to this song more times than i would like to admit, and i still have no idea.

bad medicine - bon jovi 
man, this song makes me think of a dear friend i used to work with - we had this song on our '80s rock' playlist, which was on heavy rotation while we folded clothes. take it from me - singing this entire song with complete commitment is a fantastic way to enhance a retail environment. just ask our boss. don't ask our boss.

kickstart my heart - motley crue
motley crue... quintessential glam rock - leather pants and all.

jump - van halen 
the synth-ey beginning and similar lyrical content always makes me confuse this song with the song jump for my love by the pointer sisters. please don't tell van halen i said that, though. they are soooo much more rock 'n' roll than the pointer sisters... i mean, eddie van halen does the splits and jazz hands in the first ten seconds of this video. doesn't get much more rock 'n' roll than that.

poison - alice cooper 
i'm sure i'm not the only one who was introduced to alice cooper by wayne and garth. my knowledge of alice cooper is inseparable from the scene in wayne's world where he explains the origin of the word 'milwaukee'. did you know that cooper is still touring, with a more elaborate stage show than ever, and he's 65? read an interview or two with the guy - he's quite a fascinating person.

okay, am i the only one who digs these jams? or does 80s glam metal get you pumping too??

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