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19 July 2013

i've been on a punk-rock kick this week, which is not unusual. today i had my ipod on shuffle, and when blondie came on, it gave me the idea for this playlist - there's so much upbeat, airy punk and new wave music that makes for a perfect summer soundtrack. these songs were all released within a decade (1977-1987), and fall loosely into the punk, new wave or alternative genres. okay, you caught me, i snuck some ska in there too - i can't help it!

click here to listen to this playlist on youtube... 

dreaming - blondie
not only is debbie harry one of my favourite sources of style inspiration, she's one of the most enduring female figures in rock and roll. this is one of my favourite blondie songs - it's perfect for rolling down the windows while cruising on a summer afternoon...

dancing with myself - billy idol 
this song is almost always a floor-filler... ironic? i think so. 

99 red balloons - nena
originally a smash hit in germany, nena later recorded this song in english. amazingly, the german version of this song still rose to number two on the billboard charts - behind van halen's jump. watch this video for inspiration for your up coming 80s-themed party, or watch it in german here.

just like heaven - the cure 
although the lyrics are still kind of sad, this is one of the cure's dreamier and less depressing songs, and one of my personal favourites. 

our house - madness
am i the only one who has a mega soft spot for vocalists who don't mask their pommy accents when they sing? i've loved this song for a long time, but it has only been just this year that two dear friends enlightened me to madness' greater music collection, which is so awesomely ska-tastic. 

a message to you rudy - the specials
boys everywhere: here is some style inspiration. rude boys = all kinds of awesome. not to mention the specials' epic new-wave ska beats. i love it! 

i melt with you - modern english
a few months ago i was dj-ing a kids party, and a little guy that was no more than ten years old came up to me and requested 'anything by modern english'. oh, kids and their 80s brit new-wave... 

california sun - ramones
rancid's opening band, the interrupters, covered this song on tuesday night, and you know, it was the first time i actually understood the chorus lyrics - 'and i walk a little walk, i'll twist a little twist, i'll shimmy a little shimmy...' 

rudie can't fail - the clash
here's a lesser-known clash song that is a perfect blend of mellow punk and ska. 

a new england - billy bragg
these days, billy bragg is just as well-known as an activist as he is a musician. i love his acoustic, folk-punk sound, and this song has a quirky little lyric that stays stuck in my head long after i listen to it - i saw two shooting stars tonight, i wished on them but they were only satellites. it's wrong to wish on space hardware, i wish, i wish, i wish you'd care... 

any 80s-ey new-wave-ey tunes that tickle your fancy? what are you listening to this weekend?

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