your jam for the weekend is... summertime beats!

5 July 2013

i don't know what the summer has been like where you are? but here in edmonton, the sun is shining and the mercury is high. there's nothing quite like enhancing the summer vibes with the perfect soundtrack, and this playlist was the perfect opportunity to include a few tunes that are attached to some of my fondest sun-soaked memories. 

get ya sunnies on, and crank these nostalgic summer beats! 

steal my sunshine - len
i'm not sure what is more badass and endearing about these boys - their sideways ball caps or their bright orange scooters? also - spelling out L-A-T-E-R so that the syllables will fit in the second verse.... when i first heard this song back when i was fourteen, i thought that was hella cool. 

summer love - justin timberlake
it may not be as well known, but it's summery, sweet, and irresistibly dance-able, just like every other jt song. 

sunshine highway - dropkick murphys
i find it impossible not to smile when i'm singing along to this song! especially when i'm driving with my windows down on a sunny day. for those of you that aren't really into punk music (yet!), be forewarned - this is the gateway drug. 

cruel summer - ace of base 
okay, i know this is a remake, but i can't resist an opportunity to include ace of base...  it just speaks to my 90s-child heart. 

calypso - spiderbait
i can guarantee that the artist and title of this song rings NO bells in your memory. press play. if you watched 10 things about you as many times as i did (or even half as many), you will know exaaaaactly what scene this song is played in.

santa monica - everclear
i just want to see some palm trees... this song is a perfect belter for summer night karaoke, and a perfect beach-ey video

summer nights - john travolta & olivia newton-john
yep. i went there. #sorryimnotsorry

school's out - alice cooper
i know this is the second week in a row that i've included alice cooper in the playlist... what can i say, the dude kills it! also - fashion inspiration. nuff said. 

summertime - dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince
a little mellow hip hop, spun by the fresh prince? yes please! 

summer girls - lfo

ahhh, did you guys do that thing where you made up your own lyrics to a pop song to more aptly fit the complicated relationship dynamics in your high school years? no? just me? perhaps i listened to too much weird al yankovic? whatever. it was just as well that i changed the lyrics to this song - i was too young and canadian to know what 'abercrombie & fitch' was anyways.

did i miss anything?? what are your favourite summer songs? let me know in the comments! and have a rad weekend! 


  1. "too young and Canadian to know what 'abercrombie & fitch was anyways"

    That made me laugh out loud. I loved Summer Girls when I was younger. I still catch myself singing it sometimes at the most random places. I love Chinese food but darn if I don't start singing, "New Kids on the block had a bunch of hits/Chinese food makes me sick.." everytime I pick up the delivery menu.

    1. yes!!! it is deeply embedded in my memory as well- little pop culture nuggets like 'i like kevin bacon but i hate footloose' and 'michael j fox was alex p keaton' come to mind in that melody when i hear any of those names...


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