gratitude cafe : two months of silence...

29 October 2013

you last heard from me in august, when i explained my ebb in posts by saying "a computer screen comes second to real-life adventures and face-to-face and heart-to-heart, and all the joys that e-town has to offer..." at the time, i believed that once summer was over i would get right back in my routine and start posting regularly again.


life happened. 

and it has been fantastic. 

i have had so, SO much to be thankful for. 

a-like so:

- a joyous reunion with some dear kiwi friends - watching a childhood friend say 'i do' - lunch dates in the autumn leaves - spinning the tunes for classy weddings - weezer! live! - sunday afternoon dates with two lovely ladies - delicious brunch times - also re-uniting with two of my eastern europe travel compadres for the firsts time in five years - seeing the ocean again... - watching my littlest brother and his sweetheart tie the knot - disneyland!!! - swing dancing with this lovely lady - being front & centre for blink 182 - saturday morning wanders to the local bakery for breakfast - my neighborhood - the start of something good. - 

other items that have me filled to the brim with gratitude:

- time with my family; i am STILL so thankful for being in close proximity to my family... being able to pop in for a quick visit, or to call on my brother to help me move furniture, or to get my mom to help with a halloween costume... i love every minute of it. - autumn colors in my beloved neighborhood - a job that allows me time to fill my life with good things - swing dancing - my church family - a season of plenty - lunch dates - miranda hart - laughter - three thanksgivings - fabulous hair clients - revisiting game of thrones season one - home. -

now you! what are YOU thankful for??


  1. I am thankful for my Stepdad and his fixing of our broke-ass furnace.

    - Erin

    1. um, YES. even now, in october, could one even survive without a working furnace?! go stepdad!!


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