your jam for the weekend is.... creepy music videos to end your halloweek

2 November 2013

have you had a good halloweek, everyone?? i sure have... it was kicked off with two fun parties last weekend, where i embraced the corny-ness that is a couples costume for the first time ever, and you know what? it was awesome. add that to seeing my nephew in his first halloween costume - the cutest lion i've ever seen - and celebrating the birth of a dear friend's little pumpkin, and it has been a busy but fantastic week.

here's a few of my favourite dark and macabre music videos. may i suggest you pair them with leftover mini chocolate bars and a pumpkin spice latte? yes. yes i may.

blink 182 - i miss you
one of my favourite music videos of all time, this dark and morose accompaniment to an uncharacteristically sombre song from blink 182 is a bit 1930s, a bit gothic and a bit cobwebby... i love it!

the killers - bones
skeleton romance? yes please! skeleton brandon flowers? even better. fun fact - this is the first music video that tim burton ever directed... best moment? 3:12. gets me every time.

my chemical romance - welcome to the black parade
almost all of my chemical romance's videos are theatrical and dark, but this is my favourite... what can i say, i love me a good rock opera. i also adore gerard way's performance on film - i never got to see mcr live, so i can only imagine how much better he would be in person, but this is still pretty epic.... i truly have a hard time staying seated, especially when it gets to the third part of the song at 3:32. okay. time to dig out the black parade album - just watching this video reminds me how awesome it is. i recommend.

christina aguilera - fighter
not only is this song in my top 25 most played list on itunes, it's also in my personal all-time favourite music videos list... Xtina isn't just about the booty shorts and group dance routines, okay peeps? i love the alt, goth-ey look that she rocks in this video... stripe-y tights? don't mind if i do...

backstreet boys - everybody
aaaaand because i'm hilarious, i'll throw some bsb in the mix. apparently the boys wanted a chance to star in their very own horror film, and they were so committed to the idea that when their record label refused to get on board, the band funded it themselves. i kinda love how moments that could be genuinely dark and mysterious are punctuated by high-energy boy band dance sequences. and also... 90s kids everywhere still bust out the claw-hands dance move (4:02) from time to time. don't try to pretend you don't do it. i dj. i see you people on the dance floor all. the. time.

well, happy halloweekend, kids!! party safe!

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