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17 February 2014

this week i'm thankful for... 

- super canadian valentines day celebrations (ice skating and making bannock over an open fire) - baking all the heart-shaped treats for my man - feeling like a real grown up, making my lunches for the week on the sunday night (felt like a mega victory!) - sweetheart selfies (#sorryimnotsorry) - cuuuuuutest wake-up text ever - my sweet wee niece - being back home in my church fam - 

other things i'm grateful for...

- men in my life who help me fix my car when it's sick - the nostalgia-inducing excitement of watching olympic figure skating with my sister - writing dates - long walks in the river valley - completing my first session of training towards running a 10k race in may - re-visiting old writing and, surprisingly, finding it not cringe-inducing - joy -

other sweet finds around the internet this week:

- these productivity hacks are great reminders that'll keep you at the top of your time-management game(via sarah)

- some slang that i'd also like to re-introduce to the world... (for all you word-geeks like me!)

- on dreaming because it's worth it, in itself.

- um... awesome.

- these stock photos aimed at changing the typical portayals of women have been circulating around the internet, and for good reason - they're awesome!

- these portraits of musicians were particularly beautiful...

- on rap in heaven. yep.

- this tiny homes for the homeless piece both inspired me and made me a bit teary - look what good can be done with just what's available! amazing.

that's it from me. what are YOU thankful for? let me know in the comments!

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