love songs for everyone!

14 February 2014

well, you've probably noticed - it's valentines day.

here's my gift to you - a little playlist with a song for (almost) all sentiments toward such a polarizing holiday. guess what? they're all from the same movie... i had forgotten how hilarious the wedding singer is until i had revisited these clips!

(p.s. these clips are nsfw - foul language aplenty...)

for the lonely, unrequited love-ers out there... 

for the love-related-angst-filled... 

for the in love (and the hopefuls)...


  1. I love the name of your blog and the design is beautiful. A lovely concept. I especially like your 'gratitude cafe'. Wonderful!

    1. thanks so much! i'm glad you found a little 'lovely' in my online home :) welcome to the delight adventure!


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