sweet sounds: bastille

14 March 2014

photo by matt vogel

oh i feel overjoyed
when you listen to my words
i see them sinking in
oh i see them crawling underneath your skin...

this week, i discovered bastille. apparently they are trendy trendy right now, my much-cooler roommate informs me... (see my previous posts on the likes of queen, the beatles, and the glenn miller orchestra for clues on my proximity to what's new and trendy in music). i'd like to thank grooveshark for their 'top songs' suggestions for educating me.

anyways, back to bastille.

remarkable and rich vocals by frontman dan smith got my attention immediately - there's an arresting versatility in his jumps from airy to gritty, with poetic, sharp and memorable lyrics. melodies transition from lilting, synth-ey and fun to driving percussion to minimalistic cadence to orchestral, sometimes all in one song.

they're hella sing-along-able, with epic harmonies that are flawlessly displayed in the numerous live & acoustic recordings floating about the internet (including one below). with no exaggeration, i have listened to bastille for hours on end every day this week, and now that i've bought their all this bad blood album on itunes, i have no doubt that it will be on regular rotation.

enough from me - let me introduce you!

at present, this is my favourite song from the album. dig it.

probably the most well-known single (at least here in canada), pompeii has been in the top 100 for the past year. the past YEAR. awesome. check out this beautiful acoustic live recording:

oh man! i nearly forgot to mention. bastille does some amazeballs covers - and you KNOW i love a good cover. there's something endearing about a band who isn't ashamed to put their twist on died in your arms tonight. they didn't stop at the 80s, though. check out their version of a 90s chart-topper below. (and for extra-curricular enjoyment, see their mashup of miley cyrus, eminem & achey breaky heart. yes they did.)

have i sold you on this band yet? leave a comment - let me know what you think. 

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