gratitude cafe - sicko edition.

12 March 2014

the best soup ever, thanks to zuppa and the best-looking delivery guy i know.

yesterday, i had a bit of a meltdown. 

over the weekend, a cold that had already well overstayed its welcome turned into full-fledged attack on my sinuses and throat and back and brain. i gave in, and spent most of the weekend in bed. monday morning, i tried to leave for work, and my car wouldn't start. i chalked it up to leaving a light on or something, and caught the bus. later in the day, after a few attempts at boosting it with varied success, it became apparent that it wasn't just a dead battery. not the end of the world, but i did just have it in the shop not even a week ago, for a completely separate issue. so yesterday i walked to work, and arrived both deflated and congested, and generally wishing i could go back to bed and wake up with both a car and body that were working properly. i realized that since the beginning of january i have been dealing with one health issue or another, and i am truly exhausted. 

this, my friends, is a good time to practise gratitude. 

i am SO thankful for: 
- my man. it surprises me just as much as it surprises you, dear reader, that i am turning into a person that is publicly declaring how awesome her boyfriend is, but seriously - i am so thankful for a friend like him. from making me smile while waiting in the ER with me for hours and hours (don't worry, it wasn't serious - hence the waiting for hours to be seen) to bringing me soup when i was home sick from work, to filling my car with gas and bringing me throat lozenges... he has been amazing, and i am so thankful for him.
- my sister and my nephew for health advice & smiles, respectively. 
- hints of springtime. 
- angee is back in town, and this is an awesome thing. 
- opportunities are on the horizon.... even though it is frustrating that i am too tired to gain momentum on any of my ideas - the ideas are there, and i'm looking forward to seeing some of them become a reality. 
- music. yes. always. right now, my favourite discovery is bastille - their fantastic covers of nineties songs have put a smile on my face. 

yes. life is good, and i am thankful.  

what are YOU thankful for?

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