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1 March 2014

this week i'm thankful for...

it isn't warm, but at least it's beautiful - dinner & birthday celebrations with dear friends - regular writing dates with my favourite guy - getting back into my DJ grind - remedy cafe and their sweet, sweet chai - officially beginning to train for a 10k race! 

other glitterbombs of goodness in my life: 

- actually buckling down and editing a piece i was mostly happy with to submit to the travelers' tales anthology of womens travel writing - um...signing up for twitter (perhaps a little late to the game?) - making the first paycheque since our trip streeeeeeetch - mega-inspiring coffee date with a lovely lady -

and some cool stuff i found around the internet: 

- because there are better reasons to use '#YOLO'... (also: #14. yup. maybe i should start going by the stage name charmageddon...)

- oh you KNOW i love a good playlist...

this video warmed my heart to the core, and is fuel for my soapbox sermons that dreams are not only meant to be chased, but to be caught - and caught while holding hands with those who love and support us.

this beautiful, poetic piece by a new mother oozes purpose and family and body-love... immediately subscribed to this girl's feed - mega inspiring word-weaving happening over there!

- i made these muffins to bring to church family brunch, and they were awesomesauce...

- generous grandma + family in need = tiny home. obviously.

- a must-read for those who've become disillusioned with voluntourism and short-term missions.

- on JOY being the compass for time management... goodbye drudgery!

- a different kind of behind-the-scenes look at sochi

how about YOU? what are you thankful for? let me know in the comments :) 

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