two ways to become instantly happy.

4 March 2014

my music geek-ness focus for the past week has been on pharrell's 24-hour music video for the positively infectious song, happy. i thought it was just me, but apparently it was not. i came out of my room one morning last week and my roommate was singing it. later that day, i met up with the gentleman caller, and he was whistling it too. i got to work, and this save the date was on our news feed.

the video is awesome, make sure you check out a few different times on the pharrell-clock. this fast company article gives some insight into how it was made, and i'd say the amount of fun they had making it translates into the finished piece.

i'm just left with one question:

is happy happier than happy?

help me decide - leave your vote in the comments...

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