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4 July 2012

i'm thankful for:
 - first haircut in months...such a good feeling! - busting out my skates for the first time since leaving nz (living with my parents means no concrete... for miles) -  checking out some beautiful antique cars - good eats. actually, all things considered, just thankful for food in front of me, period. - orange creamsicle ice cream - breakfast, in general. - dropping some rad 80s rock at work on wednesday night - '...bright lights, big city, it was extraordinary...' beginning house sitting in the big city. so looking forward to a week of urban life - ahhhh, earl gray, the magical elixir that soothes the soul. -

it's been a bit quiet on the ol blog front here. my new routine of both jobs and dreaming and scheming for the future has kept life rambling on without too much change or excitement to note. I've been putting some thought into what purpose I'd like this blog to serve, in both my life and yours, and I'm nearly ready to implement some updates to the site, so watch this space :)

other things I am thankful for over the past wee while (it's been more than a week!):

- dinner & movie date with awesome Angee! she's training for a freaking MARATHON. to check her journey out, click here - books! recently finished Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' and absolutely loved it. was actually touched by the cry of the monster for acceptance & companionship. not what I was expecting at all. presently supplised. - Alexandra Franzen. this girl's blog posts are hella inspiring, and her wordsmith-ery makes me swoon. probably a level 1 girl crush. - better vibes with some of the grommies at the skatepark - being booked for my first two solo DJ gigs, both at the beginning of August - friday meetings at work, where all the skatepark staff city-wide hang out and 'plan stuff' (more about skating and make each other laugh.) - watching felicity re-runs with my rad sister - 7-11 iced mochas - facetime-ing Rachel, she rulez. -

and how about YOU? what are you thankful for??

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