drop everything and move to africa.

21 July 2012

in 2007, i had the privilege of meeting the beautiful woman above. together we fumbled our way through life in a new city, navigating change and heartache and simple pleasures, like sipping cups of tea in the sunday afternoon sun. at the time, kim was studying at broadcasting school, and i recall meeting one of her fellow students, Dan, over a burger king number four meal, as kim and i were wont to enjoy.
kim went on to work her way into the television industry, eventually securing a position as a reporter on the six o'clock news for new zealand's national television station. dan also worked hard at his craft, and now shoots videos for a living.
in may, kim and dan went to africa to shoot a story on a young kiwi aid worker, who helps run an orphanage in kenya. a couple days ago, the story was aired, and is now available to watch online. it shows staggering realities of children living in a rubbish dump, fighting for survival, and describes how matt left behind a promising musical career to do something more purposeful with his life. the most poignant moment in the story for me, is the last sentence, where kim announces that she will be leaving her hard-earned television position, and moving to africa to help. i guess that knowing a small portion of how hard kim has worked to get to where she is in her career, and seeing her choose to give all of that up to embark on a grand adventure into the unknown is something that inspires me immensely. i am so, so proud of this woman.

view the story here, and read more about Matt's charity and donate here. 

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