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16 July 2012

this week i am thankful for:
- an exhibit of early- and original-edition charles dickens works at the uni's special collections was amaaaazing, but i wanted to touch ALL THE BOOKS and i couldn't... - much-needed coolant during the hottest week i've been in since living in arizona (4 years ago!) - foooood. in general. - grommies making proverbial lemonade out of the lemon that was a very flooded and very un-skate-able skatepark - fave pants, fave shoes, fave toenail's the little things :) - the preying saints! such a rad local band that i saw play in a barn on saturday night - dairy queen with the little bro after work - hanging with my rad cousin :) - OMG! i sat in the ACTUAL cool runnings bobsled. brings back so many childhood memories! - 

other little(and big!) things i'm thankful for:

- finding some gems while shopping whyte ave (my favourite area in edmonton), like a second-hand polka-dot dress that fits perfectly and a book that's a complete collection of the works of Gil Elvgren - skype chats with lovely ladyfriends who are scattered all over the globe - monopoly deal marathon games at work (yes, i get paid to play cards some days.) - my very own personal accordion performance - long-awaited books arriving in the mail - booking a trip to NYC to see my dear friend Jessie, and to go camping in Maine! can't wait! - road tripping to the calgary stampede with my bro-ski, and meeting up with an old friend - hanging with the rad kids at my old youth group, and getting the opportunity to encourage them to DREAM BIG! - 

what are YOU thankful for??

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