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9 July 2012

- the queen extravaganza! so freaking awesome. definitely the highlight of the week - late-night bulgogi pizza with angee - up close and personal dj gig and mix-ology 101 with my rad cousin wyatt - gritty hip-hop at work on wednesday night - people-watching and boogie-ing on a hot summer night - fooooood! - beautiful pink-leaved trees at night at the legislature grounds - inspiration can coming from interesting places... - mean summer meals...yummm -

other things i am thankful for this week:

- having a blast with the other skate staff at training days for work - booking flights to boston! soo excited to see old friends and Five Iron Frenzy! - falling even more in love with music - playing monopoly deal with my coworker or a rainy day - queen and the inspiring talent of freddie mercury - fb chats with lucy - late night wanders around the beautiful legislature grounds with old friends - chatting to my bestest bestie jenn on the phone for an hour and a half! soooo good. - getting to hang out with my auntie, cousins and grandma on a beautiful, hot summer evening - hitting the town with angee - unbelievably warm weather... 34 degrees today! - dinner and great talks with my dear friends alex and nathan - FINALLY a weekend where i've been able to spend time with some friends -

what are YOU thankful for??

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